On-Site Marketing Opportunities

Increase Your Exposure at ALA Annual 2018 With Promotions Available for Every Size Budget

Visit the interactive venue for locations of banners, column wraps, and escalator graphics.

On-site Marketing Opportunities Insertion Order 

Opportunities include:


Pricing includes all production, installation and removal costs.  Prime locations include:

  • Taxi and bus transportation lobbies
  • Registration area
  • Public space approaching the:
    • Meeting Room Area
    • General Sessions

Promo Sign, double sided, 4-color: $1,650 per sign


Lanyard Sponsor

Put your logo/message on lanyards to be distributed to ALA Annual attendees on-site at registration.

Shared Sponsorship - 3 sold, 1 opportunities are availble 
Investment: $5,500

Tote Bag Sponsor *SOLD*, GOBI Library Solutions by EBSCO 

Have your logo on bags distributed to ALA Annual attendees on-site at registration - become a Tote Bag Sponsor! Your sponsorship allows your company message/logo on bags handed out, and includes:

  • one insert in tote bag 
  • 1/4 page Cognotes (Print) advertisement b/w  
  • 250 bags to distribute at your booth

Exclusive Sponsorship - Your logo is placed on every tote bag  
Investment: $28,000 *SOLD*


Registration Bag Insert

Place your flyer, brochure or promotional item directly into the hands of Annual Conference attendees by sponsoring an Annual Conference Registration Bag Insert. Annual Conference bags with inserts are distributed to all attendees with their registration credentials on-site.

Investment: $5,000  


Registration Line Distribution Bowls
Distribute your small give-away to attendees as they wait in line at registration.

Fill the distribution bowl near Registration with a small give-away for attendees as they register. Registration is the first stop for attendees and the first opportunity for you to make an impression. This impression can easily translate to additional traffic to your booth. Popular items include buttons, stickers, lim balm, and key chains.

5 opportunities available 
Investment: $1,250 per bowl   

On-site Marketing Opportunities Insertion Order form 



Create Your Own ALA Sponsorship

Many exhibitors have come up with their own ideas for sponsorship, and have greatly added to the ALA conferences. Your company is welcome to do the same. ALA will work with you to assure your sponsorship is promoted and your generosity will be communicated, not only to our attendees, but to our 58,000+ members.

To reserve your marketing opportunity, or for more information, contact:

Rich Widick
Hall–Erickson, Inc.
98 East Chicago Ave.
Westmont, Illinois 60559
E–mail: ala@heiexpo.com
Phone: 800/752–6312, 630/434–7779
Fax: 630/434–1216