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Fair Guide Warning:

A company called Construct Data Publishers has been known to solicit paid listings in their publication, FAIR Guide, from exhibiting companies of the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting & Exhibits, and Annual Conference & Exhibition.

Please be advised that the American Library Association and Hall-Erickson, Inc. have no relationship or affiliation with this organization and does not recommend, approve or endorse any involvement or listing in the FAIR Guide on behalf of the American Library Association exhibitors.

As an exhibitor, your listing in the official ALA Midwinter Meeting Final Program / ALA Annual Conference Program & Exhibits Directory is always complimentary. Returning a signed contract to Construct Data Publishers will result in a three-year advertising obligation with fees as high as US$1,717.00!

The International Association of Exhibitions and EventsTM (IAEE) has also issued a warning to all of their members about Construct Data / FAIR Guide.

We have advised Construct Data Publishers that we consider the use of "American Library Association", in connection with their solicitation, to be an infringement of our trademark rights and have asked them to cease using this term.